Course Name: Theta TAA+

Theta TAA+

The letter Θ (Theta) describes a space (Ο) bisected by a horizontal line. This line represents the horizon.
If we look at the horizon through a telescope we see Theta. This course is designed for students interested in Film Editing & Composition.

Course Duration : 72 hours

Course Overview

Theta TAA+ focuses on a critical module of the Post Production Pipeline of a studio – Compositing and Editing.

Editing a 3D animation film requires acute sense of creative and technical know-how. Compositing is important to compile all your passes (diffuse pass, beauty pass, z-depth pass, occlusion pass etc) in an optimum time-frame with quality output.

Course Content

  • Fundamentals and UI of Adobe Premiere and After Effects
  • Film Editing Techniques (Continuity, Cross-Cutting, Cutaway, Dissolve, Jump cut, Match cut etc)
  • Post-Production workflow and pipeline
  • Compositing CGI with live action footage
  • Seamless amalgamation of different types of file formats and stock footage
  • Colour correction techniques and light matching
  • Creating elements like Fire, Water etc. in After Effects

Software Covered

Adobe Premiere, After Effects

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