Course Name: Beta BAA+

Beta BAA+ (Basic 3D Animation Course)

Beta is the second letter in the Greek language and hence this course is designed for fresh talents. Beta BAA+ course will give us an inside view of the 3D world wherein we will be teaching the fundamentals about 3D Animation as per industry standards.

Course Duration : 96 hours

Course Overview

Beta BAA+ is a 3D animation course for people who are beginning their journey in this field. In this course you will learn all the creative aspects of 3D animation like pre-production, filmmaking and character animation. Beta BAA+ course prepares you to enter the professional world of 3D animation by providing you with necessary tools along with practical training. The course will encompass demo reel and portfolio development.

Course Content

  • Introduction to 3D with Maya and 3DS Max
  • Basic Fundamentals
  • UI and important tools functionality
  • Texturing and Shading
  • Overview of Visual Effects (VFX) and 3D Animation 
  • Hard Surface Modelling (for 3D Characters, Vehicles, Props etc)
  • Colour Theory and Light
  • Lighting and Rendering 
  • Blocking and Staging
  • Character Sculpting basics
  • Character Rigging Fundamentals
  • Basic Character Animation
  • Particle System Basics
  • Fluid Simulation Basics
  • Demo Reel

Software Covered

Autodesk 3DS Max (Basic), Autodesk Maya (Basic)

[Optional specialisation modules suitable for this course – Blender Basic, Vray, Arnold, Substance Painter]

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